In conversation with Jas...

In conversation with Jas...

Jas at The Capsule Tradeshow, Paris 2017.


What’s new in the world of Jas MB?

The world of Jas MB is changing! Ive recently teamed up with a new factory that has invested in the business and we've spent the past year working to improve the quality and craftsmanship across all my products. I've been designing new styles as well as a range of small leather accessories that launch this Spring and I cant wait! Teaming up with the new factory has meant that not only do I now work with the finest Italian leathers on the market, but some of the most skilled craftsmen in Europe too.

Tell us about this new collection you’ve designed?

Anything I design for Jas MB now follows a strict mantra; “luxurious simplicity in design”. Its my new design philosophy and means everything we do upholds the highest standards of luxury -  but you won’t find anything superfluous to requirements. It’s simple design but in its most luxurious form.

It’s form, function and simplicity fused with the best leather and crafts­­­man that makes Jas MB what it is today. The mens collection has indigo suede detailing running throughout the styles which include backpacks, shoppers, holdalls, a wash bag and various tablet and document holders.

Whats your favourite piece in the collection?

Ah, that has to be the scotch grain leather rucksack in black. It actually comes in two sizes but I always carry the large.

Where can I buy Jas MB?

The collection will be launching on our brand new website mid February. Watch this space!

In the meantime you can also check out Harvey Nichols Hong Kong and Parqs Japan.

You have a very loyal fanbase that includes the odd celebrity. What have been the most memorable celebrity sightings for you and your bags?

The big one that I’ll always remember, was when a certain superstar footballer came in to the shop and bought half the collection for him and his pop-star wife. Im not naming any names of course but I’m sure you can guess!

Was it David Beckham?

No comment!

David Beckham with his Jas MB Move On Bag, pictured here at LAX Airport in 2010.

What's the best piece of advice you could give to a young person starting out in the industry today?

The industry has changed a lot since I started out nearly twenty years ago, but the core ingredients of any successful brand remain the same. Know your customer, over deliver and stay true to your vision!