Portrait of Jas Sehmbi


Quality Leather Accessories from London

Founded in the year 2000 by Jas Sehmbi, the eponymous label was born out of an obsession for creating handcrafted leather accessories for a young and vibrant music scene in the early noughties. It all started when Jas made a record bag to carry his vinyl around town between DJ sets in London. Before he knew it he was making them for all his friends in the music business. Starting small in his east London factory, Jas built up the business globally over the course of a decade opening stores in London and Japan and diversifying his collection in the process. Over the years he has garnered a loyal global following across the creative industries including some well know faces such as Sienna Miller, David Beckham, Elle Macpherson and Jude Law to name a few.
Each and every bag is painstakingly made by hand from the finest Italian leather and embodies the spirit of Luxurious Simplicity in Design, the key principles behind Jas's approach that combines a simplicity in design with the best quality leather on the market.

“It’s form and function fused with the best quality leather and the most talented craftsman that makes Jas MB what it is today. ”

— Jas Sembhi. 2017